Top 10 most expensive cities in the United States 2023

Most Expensive City in USA

We have seen such a dramatic increase in rent but their income has not kept pace, which makes this sunny local the least affordable city in the entire U.S. Here are list of most expensive cities in the United States 2023.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you have no doubt heard that rents have skyrocketed over the last several years. 
This has priced a lot of people out of the market in the middle and made many of the big cities out of reach for average income earners. Many financial advisors recommend that you spend no more than 30 percent of your gross income on housing. Whether renting or purchasing, keep it at 30 percent or less. In the US, the median household income is about $65,000, which means the average cost of housing should be no more than $1,625 a month. That’s not too bad.

10. Denver

Denver is a great jumping off point for the various ski resorts and the nearby Rocky Mountains . I lived in Colorado Springs and I worked in Denver many years ago. I really liked it. It’s a great place. I have a buddy that lives there and he keeps telling me how high it’s gotten and I guess he’s right The average rent is $2763, which means you’ll need to earn about a hundred and seventy percent of the U.S. median income just to keep rents affordable .


9. Washington DC

Now, Washington, DC is obviously the capital of the U.S and, as such, it’s full of American history, great museums, and fantastic architecture. The list goes on. It’s a great city. I’m not sure about the western part of the country. But if you’re from the East Coast like I am, you probably went to DC at least once during a field trip. That’s just something we always did. It’s a great place, but if you want to live there, it’s going to cost you. Right now, the average rent is $2,830. To make that affordable again, you’d need to earn around $110,000 using the 30% role.


8. Chicago

Chicago I love it. There are two rules about Chicago: don’t call it “Chai Town” and never ever put ketchup on a hot dog. It’s a great city but it can get pricey in some of the areas. Our first apartment was in Lincoln Park and it was a bit of a sticker shock after moving from Jacksonville, Florida. The average rent will run you 2,974 dollars, so you’re going to need to make about a minimum of 11,700 to maintain that 30 percent or less. It’s getting pricey.


7. Santa Ana or Santa Anna

If you don’t live in California, we don’t pronounce the teas out here. It’s really part of the Orange County, where again, as we would say, the OC, it’s really kind of part of the Greater LA area. It’s its own county, but if you look on a map you’re going to see. It’s all one big area Santa Ana is mostly Latino, at around 80 percent, if you want to live in this area of SoCal. It’s going to cost you $2988 per month for an apartment, so your income is going to need to be about 183 percent of the national average.





6. San Jose

So when you hear Silicon Valley, think San Jose and I bet when you think of Silicon Valley you think money and you would be right, it’s very expensive, but San Jose is interesting because even though it is number six on this list, it is actually the most affordable of the top ten at 117, 000 household income. Their average rent of around $3,500 is only 36 percent of their income, so on this list that is actually considered pretty good. Wait till you see.






5. Los Angeles

Now I normally give a few sentences on the city, but come on, it’s LA. If you haven’t heard of LA and already have some sort of opinion, then you must have been in a coma for the last hundred years. Everybody knows LA. Everybody knows how expensive it is, but it’s kind of a surprise that it’s not actually the most expensive city in California. The average rent will run you $3952, which means to stay under that 30 percent. You are going to need to make about 158 thousand dollars per year.


4. San Francisco

San Francisco is both the city and the county, but the city is not actually as big as you may think. It’s actually the fourth largest city in California. But it’s definitely one of the most expensive cities in the country. The average price is over $4336. So just do the math. That’s over $52,000 a year just in



3. Oakland

I was surprised to see Oakland. This is high on the list because not only is it a tad more expensive than its neighbor, San Francisco, but it’s also less affordable. On average, Oakland residents make less than San Francisco residents, so it’s kind of weird. It’s a weird twist of fate that it appears that rents went up because the demand went up. So people moved out of San Francisco next door to Oakland in search of cheaper rent, so it’s that old supply and demand. It’s going to get you every time, but right now you’ll need to make 272% of the national median income to afford that $4400 rent.


2. Boston

For the second most expensive city, we are moving back to the east coast, so that’s Boston. Do you know I’ve been to Boston a few times? It seems okay. I don’t really get why it’s second. I mean, it’s rich in history, which is great. It’s on the water, okay, but what makes it such a big deal? If you know, let me know in the comments. I don’t really get it, but none the less, the rent is going to set you back $40,700 a month. It’s pretty steep to pay for just having a funny accent.



1.New York

New York It’s probably no surprise, right? And if you looked at the cost per square foot, I bet it’s even worse. But you know what, there’s a price to pay for living in New York City. There’s a meme that says sure the window phase is a brick wall, but behind that brick wall is New York City. That kind of sums it up for me I love New York. I haven’t lived there yet and it’s obviously not for everyone, but if you can afford it, there is never a lack of things to do. But how do you put a price tag on so much excitement?


They can, and that is about $6351 a month. To put that into perspective again, the median household income is $65000 a year but the average New York City rent is seventy-six thousand dollars a year. You will need to make almost four times the median income just to keep yourself under that 30 mark, but wait, there’s more now one day did not make. The list today is Miami I didn’t include Miami because this list was specifically about rent, but in 2022, Miami was considered the least affordable city in the U.S.
When you compare the price of buying a house with your income, So, based on the projected median household income of only about forty-five thousand dollars, that means the average family would have to set aside a whopping 86% of their annual income to afford the average priced home in Miami. It’s gotten out of control. I don’t think anybody saw that coming, so I guess what I’m saying is that if you can’t afford Miami, you can always go someplace more affordable like Los Angeles. 
I guess all right, so maybe you’re saying to yourself, okay, that’s great, I can’t afford to live in any of those cities. Well, don’t worry, I also have an article on some of the best places in the world that you can live quite well on less than fifteen hundred dollars.


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