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Russia-Ukraine Update: The US will supply $725 million arms



UKRAINE CRISIS  Russia-Ukraine Update: The US will supply $725 million arms UKRAINE CRISIS 1024x1024

The $725 million (€745 million) package will include HIMARS mobile rocket launch systems, which are long-range artillery weapons that played an important role in the Ukrainian counteroffensive in September.

Washington has announced that it will send more weaponry and ammunition to Ukraine to assist in repelling the Russian invasion.

According to the White House, it will also include extra weapons, armored vehicles, and medical supplies. The package’s goal is to replenish Ukrainian supplies rather than to give new weapons.

“We will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people as they defend their freedom and independence with amazing courage and unbounded commitment,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a statement.

“The capabilities we are deploying are precisely tailored to make the most effect for Ukraine on the battlefield.”

Following Russia’s shelling of Ukrainian cities in retaliation to the demolition of the Kerch bridge connecting seized Crimea to mainland Russia, NATO nations agreed to expand procurement of air defense systems.

The “bloody war” of Russian Patriarch Kyrill is condemned by a German cardinal.
Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich has denounced Patriarch Kyrill I of the Russian Orthodox Church for his support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag and cited by the Catholic news agency KNA, Marx claimed Kyrill represented the concept of the “holy war,” which he thought was “behind us.”

Marx also discussed conflicting perspectives on German arms supply to Ukraine.

Following Russia’s destruction of essential infrastructure, Ukrainian officials are asking residents across the country to conserve energy and forecasting a harsh winter. Several Russian missiles and Iranian-made kamikaze drones targeted power facilities and substations last week, knocking off power, heat, and hot water in many cities and causing some enterprises to close temporarily. Using images and videos shared on social media, satellite photography, and fire tracking data, The Washington Post identified eight energy facilities across six locations that were damaged or destroyed on Monday and Tuesday.



Kanye West Could Be a Contender in the 2024 Presidential Election



Kanye's political history  Kanye West Could Be a Contender in the 2024 Presidential Election Kanyes political history

How could Kanye West become President of the United States in 2024? The odds may be against it, but we can learn from history that anything’s possible with enough imagination and creativity. After all, American presidents aren’t elected by popular vote, but by electoral college votes (with each state having their own). So Kanye would need to win the most states and their corresponding electoral votes, right? Well, yes… and no. There are actually 538 electors total across the country – one for each member of Congress and three representing Washington D.C.

Kanye’s political history

Kanye is one of the most influential, Grammy-award winning rapper’s in history. He has shown his support for President Trump, which may have helped his chances at running for president. Kanye also met with Trump to discuss Chicago violence and job opportunities. Kanye’s meeting with Trump is what gave him his confidence to think he could be president one day.

The pros of a Kanye presidency

Kanye West has never been shy about voicing his opinion. And now he has all of social media to do it! Kanye, who’s Grammy-award winning rapper and designer, is known for his outspoken thoughts on Twitter. He’s tweeted his support for Trump and liked many controversial tweets including one from conservative commentator Candace Owens which said black people don’t have to be democrats. With such a vast following, Kanye could be a contender in the 2024 presidential election.

The cons of a Kanye presidency

If Kanye were to run for president, he would not be the first celebrity to do so. However, given his controversial past and divisive viewpoints, it seems unlikely that he will win if he is serious about running.
He had previously expressed interest in running for president back in 2016 when he was interviewed by Vanity Fair. I’ve been talking about it

Kanye’s policies

If Kanye were to run for president, he would be advocating for some of the following policies:
– Universal health care coverage – Expanded mental health coverage – Free college tuition – Criminal justice reform

Would Americans vote for Kanye?

Kanye West is a Grammy-award winning rapper and businessman. He has been making headlines with his eccentric behavior and provocative statements, but he’s also been praised for his creativity and production skills. Kanye could be a contender in the 2024 presidential election if he decides to run.


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FBI background checks revealed that the St. Louis school shooter had a red flag, yet he was still able to officially buy a gun, according to authorities



students st louis shooting  FBI background checks revealed that the St. Louis school shooter had a red flag, yet he was still able to officially buy a gun, according to authorities students st louis shooting

Despite having his FBI background checked, the shooter who shot and killed two people and injured numerous others in a school shooting in St. Louis, Missouri, on Monday was still able to buy the AR-15-style rifle he used in the attack from a private seller, according to authorities.
Orlando Harris, 19, attempted to buy a gun from a licensed dealer for the first time on Thursday, but the background check prevented the sale, according to Sgt. Charles Wall of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police. However, Wall said Harris could still lawfully purchase the rifle from a private person who had acquired it from an authorised dealer in 2020.

When Harris’ mother discovered the gun in their home, his family called the police because they were concerned about his mental health, according to the authorities.

The so-called “red flag law,” which would empower authorities to seize a person’s firearm if they pose a threat to themselves or others, does not exist in Missouri. In order for Harris’s weapon to be kept outside the house, St. Louis police arranged for it to be delivered to “a third party known to the family,” according to a statement from the police department.

However, the teenager had the gun back in his hands when he forced his way into Central Visual and Performing Arts High School on Monday morning.

The shooter began fire into the school’s hallways with the powerful weapon, a supply of more than 600 rounds of ammunition, and more than a dozen high-capacity magazines. The shooter had only graduated from the institution the previous year.

He resumed his shooting rampage, killing outstanding student Alexandria Bell, 15, and adored instructor Jean Kuczka, 61, and injuring numerous others as students and teachers scurried to lock and barricade doors and seek refuge.

Adams paused to maintain calm as his voice broke. “Never did I think I would be standing here today having a talk about a staff (member) and a student” being shot, he added.

This report was contributed to by CNN’s Nouran Salahieh, Holly Yan, Rebekah Riess, Adrienne Broaddus, Caroll Alvarado, Chris Boyette, and Elizabeth Joseph.



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Steve Bannon: Former Trump strategist facing jail



Steve Bannon  Steve Bannon: Former Trump strategist facing jail Steve Bannon jail 1024x683

Steve Bannon, former strategist for President Donald Trump, is facing jail time after being charged with a felony for making illegal financial contributions to two Virginia candidates in 2016. Bannon was charged with making two false statements to the FBI about his involvement in the donation scheme. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Bannon left his job as White House chief strategist last month after reports emerged that he was involved in fights within the administration, including with members of the National Security Council.

What is Steve Bannon facing prison for?

Steve Bannon, the former strategist to President Donald Trump, is facing jail time after being charged with domestic violence and battery in case that allegedly occurred in September 2016. The charge stems from an alleged altercation with his then-wife, pregnancy losses, and allegations of anti-Semitic comments.

The severity of the charges against Bannon has raised eyebrows among some legal experts who say that he could face up to six months in prison if convicted on all counts. Others have speculated that a plea deal may be in the works and that he could receive probation or a suspended sentence. His trial is set for January 6th, 2020.

What are the charges against Steve Bannon?

According to Reuters, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is expected to file charges against Bannon within days for his part in the Russian meddling investigation. These charges could include financial crimes related to his work with a pro-Trump political group during the 2016 election.

In addition to these potential charges, Bannon is also facing scrutiny over his alleged ties to white nationalist groups. He has been accused of helping orchestrate efforts by the Trump administration to promote racist and xenophobic policies.

What are the possible penalties that he could face?

As a former Trump strategist, Steve Bannon could face jail time if he is indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller. Even if he is not indicted, Bannon could still be charged with a crime and face severe penalties, such as financial ruin and loss of freedom.

Bannon could be indicted for violating federal law by lying to the FBI about his interactions with Russians during the presidential election. If convicted, he could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Bannon also faces potential criminal charges for bank fraud and tax evasion. If convicted on these charges, he could spend up to 20 years in prison and be fined up to $500,000.

What do people think about Steve Bannon?

Since leaving the White House in August, Steve Bannon has been facing backlash from all sides. Some people think he is a genius strategist while others think he was a disaster as President Trump’s key advisor. In an interview with The New Yorker, Bannon said that he thinks the left is “the party of Satan.”

Many people are calling for him to be jailed for his comments about the left. He has been charged with misdemeanor battery after attacking a reporter for The Guardian. If found guilty, he could face up to three months in jail and a $1,000 fine.


After leaving the White House, Steve Bannon has been embroiled in a legal battle. His former lawyer Michael Cohen is alleging that Bannon was involved in hush money payments to two women who accused President Trump of sexual assault. If convicted, this could spell trouble for Bannon and potentially lead to jail time. It remains to be seen what exact role Bannon played in these payments and whether or not he will be found guilty, but it’s clear that his days as a prominent figure in American politics are numbered.

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