9 Best ChatGPT Business Apps That Increase Revenue

Here are the 9 ChatGPT business tools that will increase your company’s revenue.

The way people conduct business is changing as a result of artificial intelligence, thus company executives must adapt to the technology in their business apps. They must particularly consider how AI may improve business procedures, products, and services. Fortunately, ChatGPT is free, enabling small businesses to compete. You just need to take your time and be patient in order to understand ChatGPT business applications.

Top 9 ChatGPT Business Apps for Increasing Revenue

The 9 ChatGPT business applications that increase revenue are described below. Keep in mind that these guidelines only apply to GPT-4, which is the most recent version at the time of writing. To utilise ChatGPT, you also need an OpenAI account.

1 Programming and coding

ChatGPT has the ability to develop code for both websites and other programmes. Although it can’t create sophisticated systems on its own, it can speed up programming. OpenAI released ChatGPT APIs and plugins to enhance corporate ChatGPT applications. As a result, it broadens the choices and chances open to enterprises.

2. Creation of Content

One of the most often utilised ChatGPT business applications is content production. It creates a rough sketch for every project so that content creators may start writing straight immediately. Social media managers could ask ChatGPT to create a social media post in the meantime rather than beginning from scratch. As a result, these methods could be able to multiply production by two or three.

3. Creating leads

A common business ChatGPT use that significantly raises productivity is lead generation. The AI bot, for instance, may be used to create an automated lead sequence. In accordance with your sales funnel, it will automatically record and categorise user data. Customers can go down your sales funnel more quickly as a consequence.


4. Social Media Administration

Like creating content, posting on social media takes time away from other important duties. It is one of the most widely used ChatGPT business apps as a consequence. Your social media message may be created by the AI bot with your guidance, enabling you to publish more information more rapidly. The bot may be altered to fit the brand of your business.

For instance, you may tell the bot to use a formal tone when writing your post. Once more, check AI-generated text for grammatical errors or signs of plagiarism before publishing it.


5. Updates to Websites Quickly


You may build a new website with ChatGPT’s assistance. From a rough sketch, GPT -4, its most recent big language model, can produce functional websites. By giving the AI bot instructions to create a website using a serviette sketch as the basis, an OpenAI researcher demonstrated the AI bot’s multimodal capabilities. It responded by producing functional code based on shoddy graphics.


6. Individualised Marketing


Every business works hard to fulfil customer demands and correctly market products and services. By individually personalising their messaging to each client these days, they go above and above. That becomes more difficult and time-consuming as you add more consumers. Fortunately, ChatGPT can help by automatically creating content depending on client information.


7. Reporting Data

The improved ChatGPT makes it feasible to summarise lengthy texts by storing and analysing 20,000 words. Additionally, it can give you information based on those phrases. You might not have time to read it all if you’re busy. As an alternative, request that ChatGPT report your year-over-year sales from 2021 to 2022.

Applications for Database Queries in Business ChatGPT offer more than only marketing. The AI bot may be used to filter through data from several projects. Database experts are frequently employed by businesses to automate this process. However, small businesses might not be able to pay for their services.

8. Translation of a language

Through the Internet, your company may reach clients all over the world. Online services might therefore assist a small firm in expanding quickly. To get across the language barrier, you must translate your content. Customers could not understand your products and services if this is the case. Thankfully, ChatGPT can understand 26 languages, including South Korean and Ukrainian. It could translate your material into English.

9.Consumer Assistance

A growing number of businesses currently include ChatGPT into their basic chatbots. As a result, they are able to answer questions that are more difficult. Additionally, it frees up your call centre staff to focus on more serious issues. Naturally, your actual personnel should be ready to respond if a chatbot is unable to do so.

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