5 Halloween Makeup Looks You Need To Try Out This Year

5 Halloween Makeup Looks You Need To Try Out This Year

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to get ready for all the spooky fun. Whether you’re going as a witch or a vampire, there are sure to be plenty of costumes to choose from. But what about makeup? If you want to look your best this year, we recommend giving these five Halloween makeup looks a try. From blood-curdling screams to ghoulish grins, they’ll have everyone in stitches (or at least scared out of their wits). So get ready to scream (or rather, make some noise) this Halloween!

Classic Hollywood Halloween Makeup

Looking to take your Halloween costume up a notch this year? Check out some classic Hollywood Halloween makeup looks! From witches to ghosts, there’s sure to be a look for you.

Witchy Eye: This is a classic Hollywood look that will make you seem like you’re about to cast a spell. Start by applying eye shadow in an outer V shape, making sure the shadow extends below your cheekbones. Then highlight your nose and chin with light pink or white blush, using an angled brush so that it reaches just below your cheekbones. Finish off by painting black eyeliner along the top and bottom of your upper lash line.

Ghostly Face: To create this eerie look, start by applying foundation all over your face except for around your eyes where you want the highlighting to show. Next, use a brown powder eyeshadow as a base and apply highlights along the creases of your eyebrows, above your lashes and on either side of your nose. Finally, paint white eyeliner along the top and bottom of your upper lash line.

Spooky Vampire Makeup

Looking to get into the spooky vampire spirit this Halloween? Here are some makeup looks you need to try out this year!

Creepy Clown Makeup

There’s no question that clown makeup is one of the most popular Halloween makeup looks. It’s classic, creepy and just plain fun. Whether you’re looking to scare your friends or just add a little extra creep to your look, clown makeup is definitely a great option. Here are some of our favorite clown makeup ideas:

1) Whiteface Clown Makeup: This makeup look is simple but effective. All you need is white foundation and black eye shadow to create the classic whiteface look. To finish it off, add a wide-brimmed hat and some creepy red lipstick for an ultra scary look.

2) Goth Clown Makeup: If you’re in the mood for something a little more creative, try out goth clown makeup. This look will require black foundation, dark eye shadow and bright lipstick colors to create the perfect Goth Clown look. You can also add facial hair (fake or real), wigs and Horror movie inspired clothing for the perfect finishing touch!

3) Joker Clown Makeup: For a truly wicked Clown makeover, try out Joker makeup. This look should be pretty easy to achieve – all you need is green or blue foundation, yellow and red eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick color variations consistent with Batman comic book villains (think magenta lips!). Add a few strategically placed prosthetic Joker features for an extra level of evil hilarity!

Scary Witch Makeup

Looking to do something a little different this Halloween? Check out these scary witch makeup looks! Whether you’re going for a traditional look or trying out a new makeover, these creative ideas will have you looking like a banshee in no time.

Zombie Makeup

Zombie makeup is a perfect way to spook your friends and family this Halloween. This look is easy to achieve, and it only takes a few minutes to put together.

To start, you will need a white face powder and a black eyeliner. Next, create a zombie-like appearance by drawing deep lines across your forehead and around your eyes. Use the powder to help make these lines more visible, and add some dark circles for depth. Finally, use the black eyeliner to create long tendrils down your nose and over your lips.

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